Regulation and the BAEDT

Regulation and the BAEDT

You cannot just assume that someone calling themselves an EDT has had the correct or indeed any training; at present, it is perfectly legal for anyone, trained or not, to rasp teeth.  Currently a wide variety of lay people perform equine dental procedures, including some very inexperienced people, who have minimal or inadequate training but nevertheless perform advanced dental procedures (wolf tooth extraction and the use of power tools would be deemed as  ‘advanced procedures’).  This can be detrimental to a horse’s health and welfare and on some occasions, can cause serious, even life-threatening injuries to horses' jaws and mouths. Even ‘routine rasping’ can have serious consequences when done incorrectly. ‘Over-reduction’ of the teeth (both with power tools and hand rasps) can lead to loss of the normal grinding surface of the tooth, tooth sensitivity and pulp exposure. This damage is not always immediately apparent to you as the owner.

Proper legislation and regulation is sadly lacking at present. However, there is an organisation, namely the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT) whose members have voluntarily, and at their own expense, sat and passed a rigorous written and practical exam. In addition, candidates must submit 300 case studies before being allowed to sit the exam.  This exam is coordinated and overseen by the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA), the national organisation representing equine veterinarians. Thus by sitting this exam, a dental technician has proven a greater level of proficiency and dedication to their profession. To remain a member of the BAEDT they must continue to expand and improve their knowledge through continued professional development (CPD).Some equine vets have also similarly chosen to sit the exam and subsequently go on to specialise in dentistry.

Another requirement for membership of the BAEDT is full professional indemnity insurance. Many unaccredited EDTs will be working without this.

We strongly advise that you choose an EDT who is a member or student member of the BAEDT so that you can be confident that they have had the correct training.

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