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Stuart Philpott - The Horse Dentist...

A thorough examination of the horse’s head and mouth is carried out in order to assess dental symmetry, balance and to highlight any dental disease or abnormal wear.

With the use of dental instruments the balancing or equilibration of the teeth is achieved by filing or burring away any malocclusions.

I treat a full range of horses that include high-goal polo ponies, one & three day eventers, international show jumpers, top class dressage horses, hunters, riding / pony club, pleasure horses, broodmares, driving horses and companions.

Each of my clients are given the same high standard of treatment and care, with owner education an important part of my service.

Pricing - One set fee: £45.00

Unlike other equine dental technicians who itemise the bill depending on how much rasping is required. I feel it is fairer to charge a set fee.

Occasionally a small additional fee may be charged for the extraction of wolf teeth, loose molars and travel where visits are further afield.

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Case Study - Tongue Damage
A 5yr old cob, riding horse without any apparent symptoms proved to have extensive, aged scarring and a tongue a third of its normal size.
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Case Study - Gum Damage
A 10yr old showjumper / hunter with a history of becoming ‘strong’ whilst being ridden.
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Pricing - One set fee: £45.00
Horse Jumping
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