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Case Studies

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facial swelling

Facial Swelling


16yr old polo pony


Symptoms / History - Hard swelling on side of face and malodour from mouth.





Clinical Findings - Grass and hay impacting between upper molars and cheek, caused by displaced, loose teeth.


Treatment / Outcome – Extraction of loose teeth and reduction of overgrowths resulted in complete resolution of symptoms.

gum damage

Gum Damage


10yr old show jumper / hunter


Symptoms / History – Became “Strong” whilst being ridden.






Clinical Findings – Inflammation and swelling of the bars of the mouth caused by friction from a rubber Pelham. Ulceration of cheeks caused by sharp enamel points.


Treatment / Outcome – Removal of sharp enamel points and use of bitless bridle for 10 days. Changing to a bit without a curb will help to prevent excessive pressure on bars.

focial overgrowth
Large Focal Overgrowths


10yr old mare ex-racer


Symptoms / History – raising head and rearing when rein aid applied.




Clinical findings – Large overgrowths of the first cheek teeth on both sides of the upper jaw. A “wolf tooth” on one side.


Treatment / Outcome – Reduction of overgrowths and extraction of wolf tooth resolved problem.

tongue damage

Tongue Damage


5yr old cob, riding horse


Symptoms / History – None!







Clinical Findings – Extensive tissue loss and scarring on tongue caused by previous trauma. The tongue was a third of its normal size.


Treatment / Outcome – The horse was coping well with this old injury, routine dental work was all that was required.
worn incisors

Worn Incisors


Example of wear to the incisors ( front teeth) caused by crib biting.

sow mouth

Sow Mouth


Example of a “sow mouth”. Lower incisors protrude in front of the upper incisors. The opposite situation where the upper incisors protrude in front of the lower incisors is called a 'parrot mouth'.

Case Study - Tongue Damage
A 5yr old cob, riding horse without any apparent symptoms proved to have extensive, aged scarring and a tongue a third of its normal size.
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Case Study - Gum Damage
A 10yr old showjumper / hunter with a history of becoming ‘strong’ whilst being ridden.
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