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About Me

Stuart Philpott - The Horse Dentist...

Initially acquiring my BHSAI qualification, I followed this by successfully completing the Monty Roberts Certificate of Horsemanship.

I attained experience as an instructor and ran my own yard, offering a service specialising in backing youngsters and bringing on problem horses.

Knowing that the production of a good horse can only be achieved by including all health aspects as part of its development, I started on my career as an equine dental technician by undergoing training at the Academy of Dentistry in Idaho, USA. Following on from this, I attended several advanced BEVA-run dentistry courses here in England.

Having completed these, I was eligible to sit and subsequently pass my BEVA exam, then becoming a member of the BAEDT (British Association of Equine Dental Technicians).

If you wish to find out more about the BAEDT and what they stand for please click on the link below.
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Case Study - Tongue Damage
A 5yr old cob, riding horse without any apparent symptoms proved to have extensive, aged scarring and a tongue a third of its normal size.
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Case Study - Gum Damage
A 10yr old showjumper / hunter with a history of becoming ‘strong’ whilst being ridden.
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Pricing - One set fee: £45.00
Horse Jumping
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